7-Hitter Broken Up In 5th Inning

The Minnesota Twins’ Carl Pavano was able to carry a 7-hitter through four innings against the Red Sox, but Adrian Gonzalez broke it up in the 5th when he blasted a one-out home run.

“I definitely thought he (Pavano) had 7-hitter stuff today,” Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said, wishing Pavano would have been able to finish what he started. “He was missing with his fastball and leaving breaking stuff up just enough. I really thought he’d end up surrendering more than six, but less than eight hits.”

Pavano admits he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t thinking about the possibility of tossing a 7-hitter.

“When the other team gets a hit, then another, and then another, the thought of throwing a 7-hitter definitely starts to creep into your head. ‘Can I do something that is relatively unexceptional?’ Unfortunately, the answer today was ‘No.’ But I’ll get back out there and hopefully have some mediocre to above average stuff my next start.”

Pavano also had an 8-hitter and 9-hitter broken up the 5th inning, before being removed from the game for a reliever.

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