A-Rod’s “Steroid Mule” Cousin Spotted Blatantly Not Giving A-Rod Steroids

Yuri Sucart, a cousin to Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who admittedly supplied and injected the slugger with a banned substance purchased in the Dominican Republic from 2001-2003, was seen in the lobby of New York’s team hotel, with A-Rod, unashamedly not handing him performance enhancing drugs of any kind.

“The two of them were just standing there and [Sucart] was in no way trying to supply A-Rod with one or more bottles of steroids,” said Owen Berber, a witness to the non-exchange in the lobby of the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco. “Not only did he not attempt to make a transfer of illegal steroids to Rodriguez, but I could clearly see that he did not have in his possession any Dianabol, Winstrol, Clenbuterol or needles for injection or anything.”

Sucart and A-Rod simply appeared to be having a pleasant conversion, customary behavior for members of most families, but the circumstances of their past made witnesses skeptical of the pair’s intentions.

“They were out in the open, brazenly not exchanging money for performance enhancing drugs,” added Warren Lotney, a second witness. “I think they purposely neglected to utter phrases like ‘I have your favorite steroids’, ‘These are the steroids you wanted’ and ‘Hey, do you have my steroids?’ because they were hoping we would notice that steroids were not changing hands. Peculiar behavior if you ask me.”

Major League Baseball plans to investigate as to why anyone, family member or otherwise, would voluntarily interact with Rodriguez unless they were at least selling him some stanozolol or growth hormone.

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