Buster Olney Gives In And Finally Buys ESPN Insider Subscription

Buster Olney — senior writer for ESPN the Magazine and analyst for Baseball Tonight — finally caved and purchased a subscription to become an ESPN Insider, granting himself access to all of the rumors, analysis, and fantasy tips only available to those willing to pay the monthly fee.

“I fought it for so long, but to do my job well I need to be up to date on the latest reports from all of ESPN’s Major League Baseball sources,” said Olney, also a contributor to Sportscenter, ESPN Radio and ESPN News. “You have no idea how embarrassing it is to bluff your way through a live report on Baseball Tonight because you could only read the first couple sentences describing Phil Hughes’ velocity during a minor league rehab start.”

Olney says the extras available for as little as $2.50/month were just too much to pass up.

“I get ESPN the Magazine delivered to my door, exclusive video of my favorite ESPN shows, access to tons of content only available to members, and best of all, Insider fantasy breakdowns and scouting reports. I’m totally going to dominate my fantasy league with the guys from work.”

Olney is also looking forward to finally reading the exclusive Buster Olney Blog.

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