MLB Drop In Runs, Hits, Homers Adam LaRoche’s Fault

According to a study by the Baseball Statistical Analysts of America (BSAA), Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche is directly responsible for 83-percent of the league-wide decrease in hits, home runs, and runs scored.

“Teams have shown a renewed commitment to defense and pitching, and when you throw in Adam LaRoche‘s inability to hit a baseball you’re bound to see offensive numbers plummet,” said Gil Matison of the BSAA, noting that the average runs per game per team have dropped from 4.8 in 2007, when LaRoche hit .270, to only 4.2 today with his average sitting at a horrific .172. “Due to the number of at-bats being allocated to Adam LaRoche, we’re seeing the worst offense in Major League Baseball in decades. Offense has been so bad, the record for shutouts in a season could be shattered, all because of Adam LaRoche.”

The BSAA study found 9-percent of the decrease in hits, homers, and runs to be the fault of Dan Uggla hitting 66-points below his career average, while the remaining 8-percent rests on the shoulders of Nationals manager Jim Riggleman for writing Adam LaRoche’s name on the line-up card so often.

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