Yankees, Indians Solve Dispute With Peaceful Benches Clearing Discussion

Able to avoid a physical confrontation after Cleveland pitcher Fausto Carmona hit New York first baseman Mark Teixieira, the Yankees and Indians settled their differences by engaging in a benches clearing discussion with a universal theme of mutual respect and understanding.

“Well, after [Carmona] hit me I took a second and regained my composure as I wanted to avoid raising my voice in a fashion that could be perceived as confrontational,” said Teixeira, who, upon calmly sauntering toward the mound, prompted the benches and bullpens to clear as everyone wanted to have ownership in the conversation. “My teammates and I just wanted to let [Carmona] know, as courteously as we could, that we do not appreciate getting hit by a pitch he has thrown. He explained his position, and after a cordial exchange, I think we could better empathize with the other’s point of view.”

Managers Joe Girardi and Manny Acta were face to face, speaking in considerate, hushed tones while making great eye contact, but had to be separated when their friendly embrace started to make everyone a little uncomfortable.

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